Cari’s Story


Cari’s introduction to grief is very personal: two of her four kids died in their teens as the result of a motorcycle accident. Then she walked through that grief with her children’s friends. Shortly after that, Cari served as an EMT at Platte Canyon High School when Emily Keyes was brutally killed. Three months later, her youngest son died by suicide.

When Cari realized the lake of grief the youth were drowning in, she wanted to help but knew she was only one person. In order to broaden her impact, Cari wrote Tattooed by Grief: A Faith Based Approach to Helping Youth Impacted by Loss.

Since her book’s release, she has focused her energies addressing youth groups and their parents on What is “Healthy Grief”? and RESET: Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

As a certified Life Coach specializing in grief Cari desires to bring the hope of Christ to those impacted by loss. She also speaks to women’s groups equipping them to walk with friends through healthy grief.

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  1. Cari Zorno Post author

    Thank you for your comments. Sorry for the delay in my reply
    I have had my head buried in writing “Tattooed by Grief: A Faith-Based Approach for Helping Youth Impacted by Loss” which was just released on Amazon
    I hope it will bring hope to the grieving.

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