Tattooed by Grief


A Faith-Based Approach To Helping Youth Impacted By Loss

After experiencing multiple tragedies to her children, Cari Zorno concluded an important step she could take toward healing was to bring healing to others—especially youth, ill-equipped to handle loss.

In TATTOOED by GRIEF, Zorno offers perspective and tools for youth experiencing grief. Zorno explains:

  • How youth feel grief and loss like a tattoo etched on the heart
  • Grief is unique to each person for each loss
  • What youth may not understand about grief’s effects
  • Skills for challenging days such as holidays
  • How to address hard questions about suffering and death

Grieving youth can learn to lean into their pain and what to expect. They need a safe person to talk to. They need hope that goes beyond the grave.

You can help a teen uncover their grief and bring it into the light. Zorno shows you how.


Cari Zorno understands how Christ illuminates the darkness. Specializing in grief, stress, and health and wellness, she is a board-certified Christian life coach. Cari also volunteers as a church youth leader and facilitates GriefShare groups. She lives with her husband Scott in Bailey, Colorado.


Tattooed by Grief is an engaging, emotional and practical guide to helping young people through life as they encounter grief and loss. Reading Tattooed by Grief made me wish I could go back and have conversations over again with the information I have now. Working in youth ministry, it immediately brought to mind dozens of different youth leaders that I knew needed to read it to help with situations they were walking through with students. If your world at all involves young people or young adults, personally or professionally, this book is for you. 

Kyle Sutton                                                                                                                                  Youth Leader, Red Rocks Church, Littleton, Colorado