Grief Coach

CariCari Zorno is a Board Certified Christian Master Life and Grief Coach.

Cari has experienced the dark walk through the valley of the shadow of grief repeatedly as she buried three of her four children over a three year period of time.

She coached her children’s teenage friends as they grieved the deaths together and led teen grief support groups when her community experienced teen deaths in their school and on the highways.

Cari has facilitated numerous GriefShare groups. Her love for God and her desire to show His love to us is what motivates her to walk with the grieving. From personal experience she knows that even when the mud in which you walk through is think and the slope is steep Christ is there to pull you out and set your feet on solid ground.

There is hope and healing for the hurting.  Cari wants to walk with those who grieve and help them find that hope she has found.

For information on how you can have Cari personally coach you from mourning to joy fill out the contact information below and she will be in touch with you.

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